Artist Statement

I create academic, studio and plein air work.

Artist Statement

I apply multiple layers of essential elements: gesso, paint, medium onto paper or a substrate to build surface, so that I can work within the space to reveal specifics.

The landscape is as a pictorial image pays homage to the environment as being a meditative space where art and life collide. The landscape is a manifestation of my spirit, a synthesis of color, form and environment. I apply paint so that I can probe the intimation of space and address the landscape as a topic, a lens for exploring our relationships with others and ourselves.

The intent of my work is to expose an embodied platform of COALESCED PLAY TM. I work from an emotive state to reveal image allegory of illusionistic space and water.

Conceptually, I demonstrate art as therapy, art as a means of meditation where studio practice is imbued with meaning. The landscape as a topic is a metaphor for where we find ourselves, and art as a practice reaffirms our power as an artist.

My landscapes become the cohesion between nature, culture and the mind. The content includes reference to time, beyond concreteness of the object, creative renewal, restorative environments and exercises fullness of experience. I convey these relationships with the arrangement of emotive color on the surface in a teasing game of cognition in the form of a picture. The content is heavily based on shapes, form and color, and the artist’s fervor to create from the heart, based upon messages intended between the art, artist and audience.

Current DISPLAY: RL Imbleau Fine Art on Facebook page and

Past Show: 2017 Alexander Brest Museum Gallery, Jacksonville, Florida, December 2014 Lobby of Manor Theatre Charlotte, Providence Rd.

Past Juried Show Inclusion: Gallery 725,”Deck The Chairs,” (Kurtis Loftus), Larry Elder “Carolina’s Got Art 2015” (Eliza Rathbone),  “Fall Into Art 2015” (Edward J Burnam), Arts Council of York County ( Wm Roefs), Capehart Beck Gallery, Blowing Rock, Caleidscope Gallery, and “Fall Into Art 2014″( Christie Taylor).


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